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We provide a restful oasis to relax & seek balance, healing & wellbeing.

You will enjoy a personalised service & focussed therapy for your individual needs with both Bowen Therapy and Life Coaching. 

Bowen Therapy elicits deep responses from the body on many different levels - physical, chemical, emotional, mental, energetic & spiritual.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle form of muscle therapy working on muscles, connective tissues and fascia.  This fascia, whether through injury, illness or stress (physical or emotional) can become dehydrated causing imbalances to occur in the normal functioning of the body.  Through Bowen the fascia is released allowing it to rehydrate naturally, freeing blockages and making reconnections.  The classic Bowen pause between moves gives the body time to respond and benefit so as to begin the healing process.

Life Coaching will guide you through clearing negative influences and behaviours, emotions and beliefs, along with discovering your passion and purpose to achieve a life filled with love, success and happiness.

You are welcome to attend either or both Bowen Therapy and Life Coaching.

However, these sessions are not run simultaneously.



I was anxious that working through old wounds and longstanding barriers would be frightening and too confronting to actually be able to do the sessions and gain any benefit, but with Jaye's competent, patient and carefully structured guidance I never once felt overwhelmed or unable to work through each session.  Each session I came away with the feeling of burdens being lifted and a new sense of clarity.  On every occasion I found Jaye to be empathetic, encouraging and very professional.  I can now look at life with a new perspective and look forward to setting and achieving my goals.

- Helen -


I couldn't believe how light I felt, like a real sense of burden had been lifted from my shoulders.  And that was only after the first session!

- Louise -


Jaye works with a sense of calm, focus and purpose.  She has a genuine desire to help her clients discover what is holding them back ...  On every occasion I found Jaye to be empathetic, encouraging and very professional.  I can now look at life with a new perspective and look forward to setting and achieving my goals.

- HS -




Very informative and inspiring.

Most valuable take away is Hope - that I can change and have the life I want!

It was awesome and I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in improving their life and outlook on life.

- Sally -

Most valuable take away is we are all unique.  Be honest and accept the quirks and personality I have.

Awesome, insightful, we all need to do this kind of work.

- Lou -


I have never had my eczema clear up this quickly!  Whatever you did to calm my nervous system worked a treat!  I slept all the way through last night {too}.   Thanks again

- Emma Langlois -

It is amazing how much lighter and less tense my body has been.  Thank you so much.

- Tracey L -

I had nerve damage affecting my ability to walk properly.  Bowen Therapy with Jaye relaxed my muscles, eased my tension and allowed my body to reconnect and communicate effectively.  Now walking without a limp.  Thank you Jaye.

- Jo Sherry -

Thanks so much for your work on my shoulder, it's much improved.

- Larry S -

Excellent session. Jaye was very thorough in her assessment and very supportive and gentle in her approach and in therapy.

- Andrew -

The environment, quality of treatment, customer service, and wait time - just perfect!  Great company. Great service.

- Barbara -

Feeling great, thank you!  Had a nap this morning, so super chilled!

- A Low -

Great start, already notice the difference.  Effect after first session - tired much earlier … left leg a little stiff … walking better at 5am.

- Michael -

I love getting a massage but when I have a Bowen I actually feel healed.

- Jake -

Jaye's conversations on overall wellbeing are appreciated and ensures I am thinking of this as well. Suggestions for programs and therapies to complement current therapy is a great bonus.

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