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Full terms and conditions are available upon booking.  You will see the T&Cs on the "Please Review and Confirm" page.


In addition:

Please provide 24 hours notice for any cancellation or postponement.

Payment is required, via credit card, upon booking.

Terms and Conditions
By accessing our products, services & content you accept that:

  • Our PDFs, Video Intros and Online Workshops are self-paced online learning, not one on one coaching.

  • Jaye Barros & Ricci Barros are qualified in Matrix Therapies®, Archetypal Coaching®, Problem Pattern Resolver, Matrix Constellations and Archetypes & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

  • This is coaching not counselling, psychology, psychiatry or psychotherapy.

  • Coaching is a facilitation process that assists you to access your own internal resources & take your own action.

  • Jaye Barros is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Master & Trainer, Bowen Therapist and Hypnosis Practitioner.

  • This is Bowen Therapy not massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, or chiropractic.

  • Bowen Therapy is a means for your body to access the capability of self-healing and involves time and commitment from the client for optimum results.

In all aspects of our work:

  • Your results are the outcome of your willingness to participate in the process, your focus on your results & the actions you are willing to take.

  • You are a fully participating agent & fully responsible for your own results.

  • The focus of all sessions is on what you can do yourself to make change & your outcomes are not dependent on anyone else’s behaviour, attitude or actions.

  • You are physically & psychologically fit to begin Coaching, NLP, Bowen Therapy and/or Hypnosis & have informed Jaye and/or Ricci Barros of any prescription or other drugs you may be taking or any addictions you have which may interfere with successful completion of any sessions.

  • Sometimes doses of medication may need to be adjusted when doing any of our sessions & you will be responsible for informing your doctor(s) / psychiatrist(s) that medication may need to be monitored.


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