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Live Group Workshop

7 Principles to
Balanced & Effective Communication 

Saturday 27 February 2021 at 9am (AEST - aka Brisbane Time)

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The Balance Tree was created by  Jaye and Ricci Barros to empower people with resources to achieve what they want in life.  Our vision is to provide the opportunity for every single person to have access to core skills that will make their life, relationships and mindset more balanced and effective.

Change Your Mind
Change Your Language
Change Your Life

How we can help

The major roadblock to achieving what we want is the struggle to juggle career, partner, children, finances and personal aspirations. This leads to stress, anxiety and overwhelm which deteriorates your mindset and physical health.

By addressing physical & emotional pain as well as past influences, negative emotions and behaviours, we will help you live a balanced and effective life filled with success, love, and happiness.


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