Empowering men and women to gain more control and confidence to achieve greater clarity and balance in their personal and business life.

  • Stuck in a career that doesn't energise you
  • Thinking 'I'm better than this'
  • Need a self-confidence boost
  • Struggling to find your voice
  • Being overlooked for promotion
  • Your contribution isn't being taken seriously
  • Believe work-life balance is a myth
  • Struggling to juggle your career & personal life
  • Retiring = loosing your identity & purpose
If any of the above reflects your life, we can help

Imagine having the inner wisdom to know how to rise above the drama, remove yourself from the daily rut and reverse the spiral of negative self-talk.  Imagine harnessing your inner strength to make the necessary changes to be able to action those goals, develop a success mindset, and tap into your motivation.

Instead of feeling like you're being eaten alive by negative people and trauma from your past, you are able to stand in your own self-confidence, feeling empowered and renewed. Ready to live your life filled with passion and purpose.

And remember, no pro-athlete learned to get into the top league by listening to YouTube or reading self-help books.  They made sure they had a Coach by their side, providing them with the tactics and techniques to create a winner.

About Us

The Balance Tree was created by  Jaye and Ricci Barros to empower people with resources to achieve what they want in life.  Our vision is to provide the opportunity for every single person to have access to core skills that will make their life, relationships and mindset more balanced and effective.

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Restore Your Confidence

Jaye specialises in assisting women over 50 to restore their confidence and regain their identity to achieve their goals and live the life they desire and deserve.

  • Women wanting to step up, and face up to personal challenges that are holding them back from their true potential.
  • Women needing to regain their self-esteem and overcome past trauma.
  • Women struggling with self-identity, weight, age, anxiety or stress.
  • Women wanting to advance their career or move into a new career.
  • Women transitioning into retirement or starting their own business.
  • Women returning to, or exiting from, the workforce.

Spending over 20 years in the corporate world, Jaye is very familiar with the challenges, struggles and juggles that women face trying to balance and enhance their career, family and personal life.

Jaye's patient and encouraging nature will ensure you feel supported and listened to as you gain the courage and confidence you need to achieve greater clarity, harmony and empowerment.

Live an Effective Life

Ricci coaches and mentors IT Professionals to achieve job success commanding a high salary and enjoying work immensely; whilst having an excellent personal life that complements their success at work.

  • IT Graduates transitioning into the workforce who want assistance in identifying what their dream job is and how to go about getting it.
  • IT Professionals ready to move into Leadership and need help developing the skills required for a successful transition.
  • IT Professionals looking for a new job or career because they are not happy in their current job.
  • IT Professionals preparing for retirement who are struggling with loosing their identity.

Whilst our program is universal, Ricci focusses on IT Graduates and Professionals; given his 33 years experience in IT Management building and motivating teams.

He will empower you with the resources to gain clarity, unlock your true potential and live your dream plan in your work and personal life.


Our Passion Purpose Plus Coaching Program

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Our program will help you discover what drives and motivates you, what you need to do to achieve the best life for you.  You will discover your Passions, your Talent (the thing you need to make money from doing what you love), and your unique Genius Flow.

You will work out your ideals and what's holding you back from getting what you want, clear the blockages, look at your year ahead, set some goals and design your Dream Plan.

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This month we are gifting our Time Budget - 3 Top Tips to Time Management. They will help you create more balanced and effective time management skills.

As you begin to understand and apply the techniques you will be able to enhance your productivity and gain more time back in your day - amazing!

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How we've helped others

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Helen Smeulders

I was anxious that working through old wounds and longstanding barriers would be frightening and too confronting to actually be able to do the sessions and gain any benefit, but with Jaye's competent, patient and carefully structured guidance I never once felt overwhelmed or unable to work through each session.

Each session I came away with the feeling of burdens being lifted and a new sense of clarity.

On every occasion I found Jaye to be empathetic, encouraging and very professional.

I can now look at life with a new perspective and look forward to setting and achieving my goals.

Sean Renner

I realised that I had past negative experiences that were holding me back from being able to share my emotions more freely and move forward without the baggage and self doubt that I regularly felt.

Ricci was very open and authentic when engaging with me. He was able to quickly build rapport and make me feel at ease and allow me to be vulnerable and open up through the coaching experience.

I was able to open up, release some negative beliefs and the energy attached to it.

I am now able to have a more confident, equal discussion with my loved ones. I am also more confident in my own strength of character and don't seek external approval for my actions from peers or strangers.

 Ruella Petersen

I came to the Balance Tree to seek advice and assistance with diagnosed IBS. I was looking for a more in-depth response to the condition.

Initially I found The Balance Tree challenging. However, within the gentle, caring environment I felt safe and calm throughout the process even when confronting challenging emotional issues. 

It is still a work in progress but I’m pleased to say that my episodes of IBS have diminished. I particularly enjoyed the sessions with discovering my archetypes, the calm process of clearing, switching foods, exploring my dream plan and the many resources I am now equipped with. 

I have no hesitation in recommending both Ricci and Jaye and the process of The Balance Tree to anyone wanting to re-create their life and explore other paths.

Sally Bentley

It was awesome and I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in improving their life and outlook on life. Very informative and inspiring.

Most valuable take away is Hope - that I can change and have the life I want!

Tracey Leigh

Thanks so much Jaye for helping me gain clarity in what I need to focus on as I make the transition to start my own business.

I now have a clear idea on how I can move forward.

Louise Jensen

It's really quite astounding the difference I feel, the lightness I feel and the new respect I have for myself and how I can handle situations that I could never handle before.

I'm aiming to be all I can be over the next few months and years and I feel I can reach my potential now.

It's really touched every part of my life and in doing so I'm able to help my family and friends as well, because I'm the better version of me now.

Our Self Serve Online Workshops

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We have several Online Workshops to choose from.  All are self-paced and divided into easy, manageable lessons.  Each lesson takes around 10-20 minutes to complete, including the activities.  Alternatively you can do all the lessons in one sitting, which takes around 2 hours.  It's entirely up to you! 

Each Workshop has its own workbook and exclusive key components to help you focus, understand, and most importantly action your new learnings!

Are you feeling stuck or confused and you're ready to make a big change in your life?  We developed these Principles to help you gain key techniques that will bring you closer to a balanced and effective life.
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Are you having communication problems with your boss, team, partner, children or friends? Do you want to mean what you say and say what you mean?  We developed these Principles to help you gain amazing communication skills that will lead to beautiful, balanced & effective relationships.
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Are you having motivation problems? Do you have a lack of energy and struggling to find inspiration in your life?  We have put this together to help you gain, sustain and maintain your motivation so you can find inspiration and energy for life by calling on your motivation any time you need it.
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Do you know where all your time goes? Are you spending the most amount of time on the things that are most important to you? Our 3 Tips will help you create more balanced and effective time management skills.  You will be able to enhance your productivity and gain more time back in your day - amazing!
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