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I am Jaye Barros - Bowen Therapist, Facial Therapist, Hypnosis Practitioner, Personal Transformation Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer.

I am passionate about helping women over 50 years of age to gain more control and confidence of their mind and body, pain and posture, to achieve greater clarity and balance as they experience the change, shift and challenges of being over 50.

​I have worked over 20 years in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant to C-Level Executives, Board of Directors, Middle Management, Town Clerks and Lord Mayors.

​Whilst raising our children, I ventured into home-based small business which provided the flexibility to make our children priority. From advertising to selling fashion and children’s educational products, I spent years working from home and loved every minute of it. Part-time work in retail, Youth Work, Hospital and School Chaplaincy followed when the children were at school. I then returned to the full-time workforce as an Administration Officer eventually transitioning back into Executive Assistant roles.

In 2016 I started my studies to become a Bowen Therapist. Identifying that not all pain is physical, I qualified as a Life Coach to explore how emotional pain can contribute to physical changes in the body. From there I explored the subconscious and unconscious minds further and realised Hypnosis was another important competent in the process to heal.  The more experience I gather the more I realised that the missing component was posture.  Balanced posture is key to pain management and appropriate mobility.


As I believe nobody should have to live with pain, I combine Bowen Therapy, Facial Therapy, Postural Alignment, Hypnosis and Coaching to seek out the source to facilitate healing - both physical and emotional.  Let me help you create the balanced and effective life you desire.

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