Louise Jensen, Mum and Teachers Aide about Coaching

I couldn't believe how light I felt, like a real sense of burden had been lifted from my shoulders.  And that was only after the first session!

Helen Smeulders, Mum to Many, Wife and Admin Officer about Coaching

I was anxious that working through old wounds and longstanding barriers would be frightening and too confronting to actually be able to do the sessions and gain any benefit, but with Jaye's competent, patient and carefully structured guidance I never once felt overwhelmed or unable to work through each session.  Each session I came away with the feeling of burdens being lifted and a new sense of clarity.  On every occasion I found Jaye to be empathetic, encouraging and very professional.  I can now look at life with a new perspective and look forward to setting and achieving my goals.

Lynda Kelly, Mum, Property Developer, Transformation & Happiness Coach about Coaching

I had lost my true self!  Ricci was such a kind soul and I felt very comfortable to share my emotions and truth with him.  I was able to identify my Key Archetypes & rediscovered my Passion & Purpose!

Jake Barros, son, Content Creator, Co-founder of Cult Creative House PL about Coaching

I had been running a small business for the last 2 years and there came a point where I had hit a roadblock and had no idea how to push forward in the business or even if I wanted to.  I reached out to Ricci as he had assisted in practice and procedure set-ups in a previous business, and I knew of his expertise in management and life transitioning guidance.


Ricci was compassionate and empathetic to my situation and the things weighing me down and engaged with me in discussions which, in all honesty, felt really easy to have with him.  He helped me find the outcome that genuinely filled me with happiness, with not a survey of questions and right answers, but through a wholesome interaction just about myself, what I enjoyed and what I wanted out of life. 

I'm the happiest I've felt in a long time and truly appreciative of the huge part Ricci played to make that happen.

What people are saying about Online Workshops


Life tools, broken down into recognizable and achievable bites, allowing them to be utilised and polished into a balanced and effective life.


A lot of this I have heard over the years on business courses etc, but there were still some gems in there, and it's always good as a reminder.


The content and the delivery for me was valuable and well done. The platform was simple and easy to use.



Great to complete with your partner to recognise and achieve balance and effective communication as a unit.


It was really good. Clear, simple, with food for thought without setting expectations ... It is Do-able! And principles that can be practiced in real life situations.


Loved the toothpick analogy.


Some of the concepts I hadn't heard before and I would watch again which made the pace perfect for me.


I did the TWO courses today.  They were fab, I really enjoyed them.  Holding my attention in these things is not easy, I am fast-paced and bore so easily, so the split screen of visuals and Jaye on the side was great!

Louise Jensen, Mum and Teachers Aide about

Passion & Purpose Workshops

Awesome, insightful, we all need to do this kind of work.  I look forward to completing the working through this course.


Most valuable take away is we are all unique.  Be honest and accept the quirks and personality I have.

Reginald Ndenda, Business Software Consultant about


{Looking for help to solve} confidence, communication and professional etiquette.  Ricci was a good manager who has an ability to understand people from different cultures like me.  He was successful, and conducted himself well which told me I could learn a lot from him. Ricci understood me and realised a potential in me and had the time and patience to really help me grow in every aspect. Some I knew I needed help with, and some I didn’t. I learnt good work ethics, organisational skills - resulting in me being productive with my work and growth in confidence. Following Ricci's policies still helps me succeed in my career. Today I learnt the art of persistence to achieve success at work. Ricci moulded me from initially being just someone called a good guy at work to now a motivated goal achiever.

Sean Renner, IT Service Delivery Manager about


I realised that I had past negative experiences that were holding me back from being able to share my emotions more freely and move forward without the baggage and self doubt that I regularly felt.


Ricci was very open and authentic when engaging with me. He was able to quickly build rapport and make me feel at ease and allow me to be vulnerable and open up through the coaching experience.


I was able to open up, release some negative beliefs and the energy attached to it. I am now able to have a more confident, equal discussion with my loved ones. I am also more confident in my own strength of character and don't seek external approval for my actions from peers or strangers.

Sam Hocking, Video & Creative Producer about


Ricci worked with us for Creative Brothers, and had all the answers we needed. Being beginners in the business world, we needed help within the sales aspect, especially with contracts and terms and conditions. We chose Ricci to help us with this as he is someone we knew we could trust and get a solution with. As expected, Ricci promptly gave us the solutions we needed in sales and contracts -  better than expected.

What other are saying about


I have never had my eczema clear up this quickly!  Whatever you did to calm my nervous system worked a treat!  I slept all the way through last night (too). Thanks again

- Emma Langlois -

Thanks so much for your work on my shoulder, it's much improved.

- Larry Stapleton -

It is amazing how much lighter and less tense my body has been.  Thank you so much.

- Tracey L -


Excellent session.  Jaye was very thorough in her assessment and very supportive and gentle in her approach and in therapy.  Feeling great, thank you!  Had a nap this morning, so super chilled!

- Andrew Low  -

Great start, already notice the difference.  Effect after first session - tired much earlier ... left leg a little stiff ... walking better at 5am.

- Michael Sunderland -

The environment, quality of treatment, customer service and wait time - just perfect!  Great company.  Great service!

-  Barbara Franklin -

Tracey Leigh, Teacher about Clarity Conversation

Thanks so much Jaye for helping me gain clarity in what I need to focus on as I make the transition to start my own business.  I now have a clear idea on how I can move forward.  Thank you. 

Kim, Advisor about

15 Minute Food Flip

The next day: I did not touch my chocolate bar yesterday.  I didn't think of it, didn't reach for it ... nothing!  I put it back in the pantry when I got home.  Good news!

A week later: The session has had great results, it seems that I no longer crave/eat chocolate at all.  I am still monitoring this but maybe "Chocolate Bar" has translated into all chocolate.  Either way I am very happy … I would like to keep working with you towards better health.

Sally Bentley, Mum, about

Passion & Purpose Workshops

It was awesome and I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in improving their life and outlook on life. Very informative and inspiring.


Most valuable take away is Hope - that I can change and have the life I want! 

Jo Sherry, Bank Officer about Bowen

I had nerve damage affecting my ability to walk properly.  Bowen Therapy with Jaye relaxed my muscles, eased my tension and allowed my body to reconnect and communicate effectively.  Now walking without a limp.  Thank you Jaye.

Passion Purpose Plus Zoom Workshop coming soon!
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