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Louise Jensen, Mum and Teachers Aide about Coaching

I couldn't believe how light I felt, like a real sense of burden had been lifted from my shoulders.  And that was only after the first session!

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Sally Bentley, Mum and Funeral Director about

Passion & Purpose Workshops

It was awesome and I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in improving their life and outlook on life. Very informative and inspiring.

Most valuable take away is Hope - that I can change and have the life I want! 

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Louise Cherie, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur about

Hypnosis & Coaching

I find life coaching with Jaye, a very safe & supportive environment where I feel able to talk about and work on issues that have caused me recurring problems my whole life. Through Jaye’s insightfulness I now have a whole new awareness that has changed how I make decisions regarding my food intake in an amazing positive manner.   I now find my decisions around food are self-loving and automatic in what is best for me & although I have a large amount of weight to lose after a lifetime of self-abuse through food, I feel due to all the changes that will just drop of me naturally as I return to my natural weight like it used to when I was young.  And it is slowly but surely, which is the best way.  I now find my weight loss journey  easy & enjoy the challenge and self-loving food choices. Thank you, Jaye, for helping me change my life and I’m sure extended it by being healthier through weight loss. I would definitely recommend life coaching with Jaye.  I would also recommend the combination of life coaching & hypno-therapy with Jaye as I think they work well together to support a great outcome.

I had 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Jaye for weight loss .. over the months that followed I found my attitude, choices & ability to consistently keep a daily food diary have all changed for the positive.  Life is exactly as discussed during that first session ... My next sessions around particular food choices have completely changed my attitude to choices that always sabotaged my weight loss journey.

I found the experience itself to be quick, easy & non- threatening. And just as successful over zoom or in person.  This process works!!! Thank you Jaye.

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Tracey Leigh,

Mum and Teacher about

Ideals Conversation

Thanks so much Jaye for helping me gain clarity in what I need to focus on as I make the transition to start my own business.  I now have a clear idea on how I can move forward.  Thank you. 

Passion and Purpose Workshop_edited.jpg

Louise Jensen, Mum and Teachers Aide about

Passion & Purpose Workshops

Awesome, insightful, we all need to do this kind of work.  I look forward to completing the working through this course.


Most valuable take away is we are all unique.  Be honest and accept the quirks and personality I have.


What others are saying about


I knew nothing about Bowen Therapy but Jaye explained it very well and also showed me how to practice with aligning my body properly, which was impressive. I came home feeling very relaxed and happy at the thought that my gait can be improved.

- Linda -

I have never had my eczema clear up this quickly!  Whatever you did to calm my nervous system worked a treat!  I slept all the way through last night (too). Thanks again

- Emma Langlois -

Thanks so much for your work on my shoulder, it's much improved.

- Larry Stapleton -

It is amazing how much lighter and less tense my body has been.  Thank you so much.

- Tracey L -

Excellent session.  Jaye was very thorough in her assessment and very supportive and gentle in her approach and in therapy.  Feeling great, thank you!  Had a nap this morning, so super chilled!

- Andrew Low  -

Great start, already notice the difference.  Effect after first session - tired much earlier ... left leg a little stiff ... walking better at 5am.

- Michael Sunderland -

The environment, quality of treatment, customer service and wait time - just perfect!  Great company.  Great service!

-  Barbara Franklin -

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Jo Sherry, Bank Officer about Bowen

I had nerve damage affecting my ability to walk properly. 


Bowen Therapy with Jaye relaxed my muscles, eased my tension and allowed my body to reconnect and communicate effectively.


Now walking without a limp.  Thank you Jaye.

Helen for Review Pic_edited.jpg

Helen Smeulders, Mum to Many, Wife and Admin Officer about Coaching

I was anxious that working through old wounds and longstanding barriers would be frightening and too confronting to actually be able to do the sessions and gain any benefit, but with Jaye's competent, patient and carefully structured guidance I never once felt overwhelmed or unable to work through each session.  Each session I came away with the feeling of burdens being lifted and a new sense of clarity.  On every occasion I found Jaye to be empathetic, encouraging and very professional.  I can now look at life with a new perspective and look forward to setting and achieving my goals.

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Kim, Advisor about

15 Minute Food Flip - clearing chocolate from the diet

The next day:

I did not touch my chocolate bar yesterday.  I didn't think of it, didn't reach for it ... nothing!  I put it back in the pantry when I got home.  Good news!

A week later:

The session has had great results, it seems I no longer crave/eat chocolate at all.  I am still monitoring this but maybe "Chocolate Bar" has translated into all chocolate.  Either way I am very happy … I would like to keep working with you towards better health.


What people are saying about


This is like no other facial I've had before - this isn't a facial, it's an experience!

- SL -


The products are so light and natural.

- RB -

Bloody fantastic! I can really see an immediate improvement in the heavy lines around my mouth.

-  Bev B -

I get normal facials every 3 weeks but this has been amazing. As you did one thing I thought "it doesn't get better than this" - then it did ... then it did again! I need to rethink my usual facial!

- Carol S -

I have found the facials have really helped my facial muscle cramps and spasms.  It is a very relaxing process.

- Ricci B -

The products are so light and the fragrance is lovely and not overpowering.

- Shirl -

It cleared my sinuses! I didn't even know they were blocked until I felt myself breathe clearly during and after the session!

- Liz P -

It was such a lovely experience. My stomach completely relaxed as though it went to jelly. I didn't realise I held so much tension in my stomach! Sooooo relaxing.

- Kris M -

I am highly sensitive to most facial products but Jaye was still able to give me the therapeutic facial and acupressure points therapy using my own moisturiser.  This was such a great experience as I have never been able to have a facial before because of my allergies to the products.  This was amazing!

- Rachel -

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