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Helen Smeulders

- Coaching -

I was anxious that working through old wounds and longstanding barriers would be frightening and too confronting to actually be able to do the sessions and gain any benefit, but with Jaye's competent, patient and carefully structured guidance I never once felt overwhelmed or unable to work through each session.  Each session I came away with the feeling of burdens being lifted and a new sense of clarity.  On every occasion I found Jaye to be empathetic, encouraging and very professional.  I can now look at life with a new perspective and look forward to setting and achieving my goals.

Sean Renner

- Coaching -

I realised that I had past negative experiences that were holding me back from being able to share my emotions more freely and move forward without the baggage and self doubt that I regularly felt. Ricci was very open and authentic when engaging with me. He was able to quickly build rapport and make me feel at ease and allow me to be vulnerable and open up through the coaching experience. I was able to open up, release some negative beliefs and the energy attached to it. I am now able to have a more confident, equal discussion with my loved ones. I am also more confident in my own strength of character and don't seek external approval for my actions from peers or strangers.

Jo & Pat Sherry

- Communication Workshop -

Great to complete with your partner to recognise and achieve balance and effective communication as a unit.

Rachel Mason

- Life Workshop -

It was really good. Clear, simple, with food for thought without setting expectations ... It is Do-able! And principles that can be practiced in real life situations.

Ralph Woods

- Time Budget Workshop -

These techniques are amazing!  I wish I had learnt them years ago!  Simple and effective!!

These will be great for my clients too.

Kim W

- Food Flip -

The next day: I did not touch my chocolate bar yesterday.  I didn't think of it, didn't reach for it ... nothing!  I put it back in the pantry when I got home.  Good news!

‚ÄčA week later: The session has had great results, it seems that I no longer crave/eat chocolate at all.  I am still monitoring this but maybe "Chocolate Bar" has translated into all chocolate.  Either way I am very happy … I would like to keep working with you towards better health.

Tracey Leigh

- Ideals Conversation -

Thanks so much Jaye for helping me gain clarity in what I need to focus on as I make the transition to start my own business.

I now have a clear idea on how I can move forward. 

Emma Langlois

- Body Therapy -

I have never had my eczema clear up this quickly!

Whatever you did to calm my nervous system worked a treat!  I slept all the way through last night (too).

Thanks again.

Jo Sherry

- Online Body Therapy -

Due to the recent restrictions I took advantage of the Online Body Therapy.  I was well prepped with a quiet room at home, relaxed & able to listen to the information & meditation that Jaye supplied.  I benefited from the holistic approach that Jaye takes in all our sessions, i.e. ensuring my mind is clear to be focused on my body and listen to what it is telling me.  I came away refreshed and aware of my current level of wellbeing.  Thank you for opening my mind to new levels of self-awareness.