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7 Principles to Balanced & Effective Communication 

Ideal for partners, parents and grandparents who want to know how to have more productive and positive relationships through the power of balanced and effective communication.

7 Principles to a Balanced & Effective Life

Ideal for anyone looking to increase their effectiveness, gain balance and lead a more productive life.

The Time Budget - 3 Top Tips to Time Management

Learn how to gain more time back in your day for doing the things you love, with the people you love!


Coming Soon!

  • Balanced & Effective Parenting

  • Balanced & Effective Couples


Each Friday on our Facebook Page join us for "Live @ 5" where Jaye will discuss a technique to help you towards a more balanced & effective life - Mindset, Communication, Motivation, Time Management ...


Access our FREE PDFs to get you started:

  • 7 Principles to a Balanced & Effective Life

  • 7 Principles to Balanced & Effective Communication

  • 7 Techniques for a Balanced & Effective Mindset

  • 7 Top Tips for Working from Home

  • 7 Top Tips to being a Change Embracer

  • 3 Top Tips to Time Management

  • 3 Stages to Motivation

  • What's so great about gratitude?

Passion Purpose Plus Zoom Workshop coming soon!
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Coaching is a facilitation process that assists you to access your own internal resources and take your own action.  As a participant in any of The Balance Tree products and services you are fully responsible for your own actions and results.  The focus is on what you can do yourself to make change and your outcomes are dependent on your behaviour, attitude and actions. Your results are the outcome of your willingness to participate in the process, your focus on your results and the actions you are willing to take.  As Coaches we bring 100% commitment and we encourage you to do the same.