Ever had a physical problem that just won't go away? You've tried everything from meditation to medication, practitioners to pills! By combining my knowledge of Bowen Therapy with Professional Coaching Techniques we investigate the source of your pain, both emotional and physical, to clear blockages and emotional build-up.  


Physical pain is often created or maintained because of emotional triggers.  Now, don't get me wrong I believe you are feeling physical pain.  However, our emotional and our physical states are completely connected.  For example, have you ever had the feeling of butterflies in your stomach?  Most people have and we all know it's caused by stress or nerves.  This is a physical reaction (the upset stomach) to an emotional trigger (stress/nerves).  The body has the ability to send you messages like this constantly, particularly if you have been ignoring or fearing an emotion for some time.  Your unconscious mind basically decides to "poke" you into action by manifesting the emotion into the physical body!  And when we know how to read these cues we can start to discover the source of the pain.



I will do the usual gathering of information around what is happening currently in your body and ask you some questions around all of that so I can gain an understanding of what you are experiencing and how it started, how long you've had it, etc.  I will share with you some of the emotional connections to each of these pain points and see where you relate to each one.  I will then provide you with verbal and physical exercises where necessary to help you.  If we have time I will take you through the appropriate coaching techniques to shift the emotion and change your thinking around your current situation.  Of course, if you want to delve deeper we have our full online Coaching sessions.



If you are open to new ways of thinking, ready for change and committed to the opportunities then yes, it can work.  I have clients who have experienced relief from eczema, lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain and shoulder pain, along with unexplained pain down one side.  I have used just this technique (not physical Bowen) and they have walked away pain-free.


Because our physical and emotional states are fully integrated.  You know you get a headache when you're tired, or stiff shoulders when you're tense, or a sore neck when you're stressed.  This is your unconscious mind begging you to stop what you're doing and deal with your emotional baggage.  When this emotional baggage has been hanging around a while or is a sudden and intense onslaught then our physical body will feel the pain.  Change your mind, change your life!



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Coaching is a facilitation process that assists you to access your own internal resources and take your own action.  As a participant in any of The Balance Tree products and services you are fully responsible for your own actions and results.  The focus is on what you can do yourself to make change and your outcomes are dependent on your behaviour, attitude and actions. Your results are the outcome of your willingness to participate in the process, your focus on your results and the actions you are willing to take.  As Coaches we bring 100% commitment and we encourage you to do the same.