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By enrolling for our 1 on 1 coaching you understand that:

  1. This is coaching not counselling or psychotherapy.
  2. Jaye Barros & Ricci Barros [the Coaches] are qualified in Matrix Therapies®, Archetypal Coaching®, Problem Pattern Resolver, Matrix Constellations and ArchetypesTM & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
  3. Your results are the outcome of your willingness to participate in the process, your focus on your results & the actions you are willing to take.
  4. Coaching is a facilitation process that assists you to access your own internal resources & take your own action.
  5. You are a fully participating agent & fully responsible for your own results.
  6. The focus of all sessions is on what you can do yourself to make change & your outcomes are not dependent on anyone else’s behaviour, attitude or actions.
  7. You are physically & psychologically fit to begin coaching & have informed The Coaches of any prescription or other drugs you may be taking or any addictions you have which may interfere with successful completion of any coaching.
  8. Sometimes doses of medication may need to be adjusted when doing coaching & you will be responsible for informing your doctor(s) / psychiatrist(s) that medication may need to be monitored.

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To ensure you receive your  access information,  we need your mobile number as a secondary contact.

If you have a food/beverage that you love to eat/drink but you know you shouldn't, we can remove that item from your diet in around 15 minutes!

Please note this is not suitable for clinical addictions and obsessions including alcohol, drugs and other substances.

Program Structure:

Allow for a 30 minute phone conversation which can have a massive impact on your health, diet, finances and self-esteem.

What People Are Saying:

“I did not touch my chocolate bar yesterday. I didn't think of it, didn't reach for it ... nothing! I put it back in the pantry when I got home. Good news!”

Kim (the next day)

“The session has had great results, it seems that I no longer crave/eat chocolate at all. I am still monitoring this but maybe "Chocolate Bar" has translated into all chocolate. Either way I am very happy … I would like to keep working with you towards better health.”

Kim (a week later)