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The Balance Tree

At The Balance Tree we have a passion to help parents and couples develop skills that will help build better relationships.  In any relationship, balanced and effective communication is key.  This is why we have developed our Online Workshops and 1 on 1 Coaching Packages to help you discover what's holding you back AND a variety of resources that will give you the confidence and techniques to say what you mean, and mean what you say!

Being a parent isn't easy at times.  We believe that consistency and persistence are big factors in good parenting and yet, ironically, these are often the two most difficult attributes to find on a busy, stressful day with the kids.  Let us help you skill up so these days can be easier and more rewarding for all involved!

Is your partnership balanced and effective?  Do you have time for romance?  Have you brought in past baggage that is affecting the relationship?   Modern day living, work, family, finance, in-laws, lack of time and of course a lack of communication can have a deep impact on any relationship.  Let us help you clear the roadblocks that are getting in the way of a blossoming relationship and provide you with the skills to get your message across AND be a great listener and communicator.  Our Online Workshops are perfect to do together as a couple.

So how do we help you achieve all this?  We have tailor-made packages that will suit whatever stage you are in.

  • You know something needs to change and you're not too sure how to start.  Check out our free PDFs & Video Intros.
  • Ready for change and want to start seeing some tangible results?  The Online Workshops are self-paced just for you.
    • Need help communicating effectively with your children or partner?  Check out our 7 Principles to Balanced & Effective Communication Workshop
    • Would love some general life skills to help you become more motivated, balanced and gain clarity? Then our 7 Principles to a Balanced & Effective Life Workshop is ideal
    • And who doesn't need more time in their day?  We will help you get more organised, focused, productive and efficient with our Time Budget Workshop
  • Had enough of feeling less than who you are, want to clear the blockages and unleash the new you?  Our Passion Purpose Plus 1 on 1 Coaching will help you achieve all this and more.


About Us

We have been married for 30+ years with three adult children, one daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren.

Coming from corporate backgrounds, we have transitioned out of our “old world” into this new, exciting adventure. Being involved in organising retreats, training workshops and other events for many years, we are excited to use our knowledge, experience and expertise to help you reach your full potential.

With a passion for organic and holistic health, over the years we explored different avenues of workshops, seminars, boot camps and webinars. This led us to Bowen Therapy and Life Coaching - both of which changed our lives and now we want to share these methods to change your life too! 

‚ÄčSo how do these two worlds collide? Emotional and physical pain are so intertwined it is often difficult to know what’s causing what. We love that by combining Bowen Therapy and Life Coaching we can help you unravel the source and move towards a balanced and effective life.